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Baileys Amputation Journey

Bailey the Tripawd Bulldog

Baileys Amputation Journey

Update on Bailey

July 22nd, 2018 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

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It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. Last night My husband and I went to sleep at about midnight and woke up at 2am to find that Bailey had passed in her sleep beside us. We are unsure what happened as when we went to sleep she was okay.  I could speculate on the things that may have gone wrong but we will never know for sure. She’s in doggy heaven now where she can run on four legs and eat all the bunny poop she wants. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers this past week. May Bailey Rest In Peace.

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  • dawn3g

    I am so sorry and sad to read this. How devastating for you and your family. I was following your story, Bailey was so clearly very loved, and you did all you could for your beautiful girl. Thank you so much for sharing her here.
    Sending you positive energy to get through this tough time <3

  • benny55

    Stunned and shocked. Absolutely gutted to hear this. Shaking my head in disbelief. I am so very, cery sorry. So sorry.

    I want to come back when the tears dry yp some…if that’s ecen possible.

    As crazy as rhis sounds eight now, I hope you can, at some point, find comfort in knowing Bailey was at home vynyour side. I hooe that brings you some pease.

    Right now, I just want to send you a giant hug through the screen. We all fell in loce with Bailey right off the bat. ❤How could you not?

    Surrounding you with love💖

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

  • Dakota Dawg

    Chrissy, I have not been active here in quite awhile but I lurk and check in. My family has a bulldog (not a tripawd) so they’re pretty special to me. I can’t tell you how devastated I am to read this. It just breaks my heart. You did everything right, and it didn’t matter, and that’s just random chance. And I hate it. We think taking off that leg is going to make everything better and it usually does. But usually does nothing for the others.

    If you’d like to connect, email, chat, anything, please contact me. I’m going to comment in one of your photos on the Tripawds FB page, too, so you can find me there as well. I hope you can reach out, when you’re ready. Again, I am so sorry. None of you deserved this.

    Shari (Angel Dakota’s woman)

  • jerry

    Nooooo! We are devastated, and so heartbroken for you guys. This is so hard to believe, your grief must be tremendous.

    If there is anything at all we can do please reach out to us OK?

    Bailey was so loved, and so brave. You gave your pup the life that all dogs dream of, and she left this world knowing she was so loved. It’s not much consolation now but I hope that in the future your hearts can find some way to heal knowing that she was surrounded by loving people when she passed.

    We are deeply sorry.

    P.S. Please use your blog as a way to cope with what has happened. Writing can help ease the heartache, and we will be here to help you honor Bailey’s life. She did not pass on in vain, her story will never be forgotten.

  • Michelle

    I am so sorry to hear about Bailey’s passing. I am just in shock.
    It just isn’t fair. Watch for her signs. I am so sorry I know how difficult it is to lose our furbabies.

    My heart is breaking for you

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  • Mary Gautreaux

    I’m so, so sorry to hear about Bailey. I’ve been following her story. Tomorrow would have been my boxer’s one year anniversary of her surgery. We unfortunately lost her on March 10. I know you are devastated. It so incredibly hard to go through. I hope you can find peace in thinking of all of the wonderful times you have had, and in knowing she is pain free and at peace now.

  • dobemom

    So, so sorry for your loss….there are no words, really, other to express my sadness and shock. Wishing you peace as you cope with this tragedy. Run free, sweet Bailey!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  • megstamum

    I’m so, so sorry. This is unbearably hard. Please just know that we are thinking of you and holding you and Bailey in our hearts.
    Meg, Clare and Angel Pie ❤️

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