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Baileys Amputation Journey

Bailey the Tripawd Bulldog

Baileys Amputation Journey

Postop Day #1

July 21st, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hey all! Just wanted to give an update on Bailey today. She’s definitely feeling good from her pain medications. Does not seem to be in too much pain. She has peed and continues to drink. However she is peeing on her dog bed a lot instead of going outside despite us taking her out. Still does not want to eat anything. She has gotten up and taken a few steps, but I don’t want her to push herself too much. Especially as she is still on the pain meds. Her breathing improved last night and is normal today. I actually had to work today but my husband was home all day with her. Still haven’t had the kids home to see her yet. Our great family has kept them occupied this weekend so we can let bailey rest. I’m on night duty with her tonight but her breathing is so much better. She is able to lay however she wants without any difficulty! We did call the vet because she was having some bloody drainage from her nose. Not a lot. They said it was expected due to the vomiting. So all is good today. Now if the neighbors would stop shooting off fireworks we’d be happier 😬

I will post an update at some point tomorrow!!

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  • Jessejmom

    What is it with the fireworks tonight? My neighbors too! So glad Bailey is doing well. In case you haven’t yet, I’d suggest layering piddle pads under her on her bed, did that with my Jesse the first couple of days home. The combination of the pain meds, iv she got doing surgery and her drinking explains the peeing. I hope your night is a peaceful one. You’ll be amazed at how quickly Bailey will rally.

  • jerry

    I love that you are in close contact with your vet about everything. Short-nosed breeds have their own challenges when it comes to surgeries so it’s good that your team is in communication. Sounds like things are going pretty well overall, except for the fireworks. Ugh. We don’t like em either Bailey!

    We hope that the weekend has been uneventful and restful. Keep us posted and we love your blog by the way, nice job with all the details!

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